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Hospitalfield Arts Interdisciplinary residency August 2015

I am really excited to be taking part in the interdisciplinary residency this August at Hospitalfield Arts where I will be taking time out to research and develop a new series of wall based works and reflecting on image making in relation to my sculptural practice. I am very much looking forward to meeting the other residents, It is a great opportunity to meet other creative practitioners and enjoy living and working in the historic house and grounds of Hospital fields. Click here to find out more about the other residents and here to read the Axixweb spotlight on Hospitalfield Arts and its role in promoting the arts both in Scotland and internationally.

Hospitalfield House. Photo: Ruth Clark

Hospitalfield House. Photo: Ruth Clark

Installation in Grant Park

It started off a pretty grey day in Grant park but luckily the sun came out in the afternoon in time for the fantastic Nathan Mansfield to take some brilliant photos. Bellow is the lovely Tony Hartley who helped me with the build. We are just discussing who had the right amount of muscle to get the structure upright.

I was also lucky enough to have help installing from Lyndsay Hyslop and Jamie Davidson who were great at lending me their discerning eyes and moral support!

Instal 1

Install 2Install3

Sky piece & The Hide no.1

Photography: Nathan Mansfield

The Hide no.1

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The Hide no.1

Caroline Inckle 2015

Structure: Wood, Stainless steel

Chair: Aluminium, Digitally printed PVC

Image credit: Nathan Mansfield