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The story of summer in 400 lines

All the grass is accounted for


Love + the Act of Retrieval 

From dreaming of oneness meet with the physicality of life

rest on the grass and know all has been accounted for

experience meeting the world in its colour

kiss me quick then rest a while on the grass

Gather up all that is lost and bring it to me

Be replenished

Gather lightness and move from dark to light

Know that you changed my life

The Story of Summer in 400 lines

The Story of Summer in 400 lines, Caroline Inckle, Digital print, 2014

The Story of Summer in 400 lines, Caroline Inckle, Digital print, 2014

During the summer of 2014 I have been exploring using digital media in my work and became interested in the idea of collecting light and colour from the environment. Throughout the summer of 2014 I undertook daily walks in my local woodland and began engaging in a process of collecting natural materials in digital format through photographic images and film. These images have developed into a series of new printed works documenting the changing natural tones of the vegetation, earth and sky and my own relationship to the act of collecting these images, sometimes meditative and observational and sometimes a frenetic consumer like gathering.

Love + the Act of Retrieval

IMG_1535web  Exhibition view, left to right: Caroline Inckle, Veg water, Flower sky, Earth sky, Digital print,   2014.     Naomi Ojima, You changed my life, Film installation, 2014. uchu 1, biro on paper, 2014.



IMG_1613web  Caroline Inckle, Bird Feeding out of Hand, Digital print, 2013


Caroline Inckle, All the Grass is accounted for, installation detail, digital print and artificial grass, 2014.







P1000599web  Caroline Inckle, Digital print, The story of Summer in 400 lines, 2014


Lyndsay Hyslop 2014  Lyndsay Hyslop, Left to right, Be Still no1, digital print, 2014. Be Still no2, installation Birch leaves,    2014. Be Still no3, installation Birch bark, 2014.


How to Make a River Speak, part 2

Paired Twigs

RE:Production at 1 Royal Terrace

Portrait of Floating Stones

Bird Feeding Out of Hand